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Easy installation guide


    Installation of the ★★★★★ M5-RoadPro Armrest is made to fit easily onto the doors of 

     Trucks, Vans, SUV's Cars and semi-trucks.

    As shown on the photo, slide the armrest between the window and the door panel.


   For narrow medium wider door panels  The  M5-RoadPro fits narrow medium-                   

    thickness to wide door panels without any problem.

   No tools or glue is needed! M5-RoadPro is designed to fit any door panel and will

                    not fall off the door panel when closing the door.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

*        Can the M5-RoadPro Armrest fit cars?

Yes, it fits all makes and models!

*        Is the M5-RoadPro armrest moveable?

 Yes, the M5-RoadPro armrest is completely adjustable for absolute comfort. 

        Just slide the armrest where you need the most comfort.

*     Can the M5-RoadPro Armrest be used on the passenger side doors?


Yes! the M5-RoadPro armrest can be used on any doors from front doors to back doors.  

  •    Is the M5-RoadPro Armrest cover plastic?

              No, the cover is made from soft auto fabric.

proper installation          


Cars or Trucks With 2 seals
For noise reduction


Red first seal

Orange second seal

 If you are having trouble installing the armrest.  ★★★★★ The seal for noise reduction could be the problem.  If the armrest does not go down and there is a gap that means the second seal which is marked in orange is stopping  the armrest from going down.

Simple look down when inserting the armrest and look for the second seal and slide the armrest in.


Some vehicles have 2 seals for noise reduction, usually spaced about an inch apart . When installing the armrest, if you find it does not slide completely flush with the top of the door panel, there may be 2 seals on that door. Caution Not recommended for aftermarket film tinted windows.  sometime dirt and other debris gets caught between armrest and window, Just remove the armrest and wipe                                                                                                                                              The plastic armrest insert does not scratch glass, debris that get caught does.                                                   Clean armrest insert regularly                                                      



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