"The ultimate ★★★★★ padded  armrest for driving comfort" 
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New  center console armrest



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  Reviews by Car & Driver magazine  also  Truck trend magazine 

         The Road to comfort starts here with the armsaver armrest


   It's a fact that Americans drive millions of miles each year. fact Drivers complain of

   sore elbows. Some Truck, Jeep, Suv's, Vans and Cars don't even have an

   auto armrest pad, just a hard door panel. For others it's not in the right place.

   Isnít it time to get the real comfort with  M5-RoadPro CAR Arm rest

   With the M5-RoadPro CAR armrest pad,

   you can have real comfort. We are sure our moveable Arm rest pad will be the right fit. Made with

   soft, padded auto fabric, the M5-RoadPro trucks armrest pad  gives the driver and passengers

   a soft and movable armrest that can be enjoyed with the window up or down! 

   M5-Roadprotruck armrest pad installs in seconds with

    No tools or glue needed 

   and now you have a reason to adjust seat height for your real comfort.

  Great for Chevy armrest, Ford armrest, dodge armrest, land rover and Jeep.



                        Before                                  After




Relieve the stress and strain while driving.

Use the M5-RoadPro car armrest on any vehicle door panel.

M5-RoadPro car armrests can be used with the window up and down, winter and summer.

   The comfort is always there all year round.


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If youíre not happy for any reason ★★★★★ just mail back the M5Roadpro car armrest 

within 10 days from the date of purchase less s/h. contact us  sales@armsaver.com 

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